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Praying with Psalm 23

“Yea though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death.” -Psalm 23:4 What path have I taken without death on my right and my left? What journey has not held fair wells and goodbyes? How many friends lost? How many loves gone? How often have I failed a friend, or selfishly pursued a love? How many opportunities swept away in fear and insecurity? This aging body, this harrowed mind, this broken heart are in the shadow of death, and that shadow is in them. Yet longing, hunger, and desire persist, they insist there must be true food and true drink in fellowship, in love, in the Bread, and in the Wine even in the midst of this enshadowed time, Yahweh You are here, and I am Yours, and You are mine. Since You are eternal, You are everlastingly mine, and death will forever die. With Father, Son, and Spirit, is the unapproachable light, “where no shadows in me can benight.” May it be Lord, all the days of my life, for my every love, for every kingdom spirit, every kingdom heart, in Your kingdom coming, Your kingdom of goodness, beauty, love and life. Amen.

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