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Praying with Psalm 22

“But You are holy.” -Psalm 22:3 My God, my God, why have I forsaken You? My thoughts are like tyrants, usurping Your throne a thousand times a day and I wonder where Your pillar of fire is within me. Can I not be wholly surrendered to You for just one hour? Can I not be holy for just one day? You have rescued a rebellious nation, how much less to rescue me? You have drowned Pharaoh’s army, how much less my enemies? You have made the cross a means of grace, how much less my little sufferings? You will make all of creation once more holy, how much less to make me the same? You are holy and everything becomes holy when it looks to You, but You have ever looked at me before I knew to breathe. Let every holy moment increase within me until my every breath is holy, and wholly Yours. Amen.

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