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Praying with Psalm 21

“Life he asked from You, and You gave it to him, length of days forever and ever.”

-Psalm 21:4 We have asked for life, You gave us Christ. We have asked for strength, You gave us Your Spirit. There is no life that is not eternal, so You set Your Son at Your right hand eternally. The life in Christ is so alive that death had to surrender. So let me surrender to You, Lord Christ, for if I surrender with You in death, I know death will surrender me into Your life. If the grave could not hold You, then neither will it hold me. Let Your life come here and now, and may it pour over until it floods the world around me catching every heart in its wake until all things and all people are brought to fullness of life in Christ Jesus. Amen.

For further devotion please listen to In Christ Alone (Instrumental) by Celtic Worship

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