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Praying with Psalm 20

“May Yahweh answer You in the day of trouble and oppression. May the name of the God of Jacob defend you.” -Psalm 20:1 When your old temptations come asking for a seat at your table, may the Spirit rouse your spirit to cry out, ‘Lord save me!’ When addictions cause every step towards healing to drag and stop, may the blood of Christ cleanse your desire causing you to cry out, ‘Jesus rescue me!’ When every compulsion, every fleeting pleasure pretends to be an end to all you have suffered, and a relief for all your pain, may the Holy Praying Three pray over you and in you and through you until you cry out spirit, soul, and body, heart, mind and will, “Lord have mercy! Christ have mercy!” And may the God of Jacob, the God of you, the God of me, the God of my small praying defend you, rescue you, heal you, restore you, make you live again, and bring you peace, joy, beauty, goodness, love, and life to the full until it pours out on you making the oceans like a single drop. Amen.

For further devotion in song please listen to In Jesus Name by Katy Nichole

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