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Praying with Psalm 2

“Therefore kings be wise, be instructed you judges of the earth: Serve Yahweh with fear.” -Psalm 2:10-11 Father God, You have established Your Son as King of kings, and all kingdoms as His possession. So then every king is a steward, a care-taker. Everything belongs to You, Lord Christ. Every dollar I earn, every dollar I spend. Every thought and every breath are to be Your possessions, and we Your stewards of every endeavor, every conversation, every relationship and every acquaintance are Your talents entrusted to our care, including every spirit, soul, body, heart, mind, and will. Let me tremble in fear and adoration for such a kingdom, however small, You have placed within these sinful hands. Lord have mercy on me, and strengthen these hands for the day these gifts might become cities so that more of Your glory might be revealed in all of me, in every relationship and every thought and word, hope and deed. Amen. For further devotion in song please listen to As it is in Heaven by Phil Wickham

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