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Praying with Psalm 16

“Their sorrows shall be multiplied, who hasten after another god.” -Psalm 16:4 The more I chase all that is not You, the less good I have, and the less good I have, my misery increases. Have I spent 40 years running in circles what You desired to give me in one year? Have I carried Your banner over my head while bearing my own image in my heart? If it takes another 40 years, let every idol fall, reveal them, loose them, crush them, and burn them. Have mercy on me, that I may not also be crushed too. If there is a path that will set my face like flint, clear the way, burn the blockade, open the door in my heart, heal the wound, forgive all unrighteousness in me, restore me to the ancient paths of union with You. Amen.

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