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Praying with Psalm 150

“Praise YAH, praise God.” -Psalm 150:1 After all things, praise Yah. After every loss we find restoration of every good thing in You, at the end of all things. You are our true hope, our true treasure, our true marriage - the creation of one flesh out of two, Christ the first born of the dead, fully God, fully man, united to us. We have seen Your glory revealed in us through starts and stops, breaking through heartache and trauma, fear and anxiety and soon all of these shall melt like snow and we will enter the fulfillment of Your joy with absolute praise. Father I can not imagine enjoying anything so completely, but I praise You that we can enter Your joy if only in part here and now in the land of the barely living. Let me praise You in every alley, every street, through every heartache and every heart-break and every heart beat. Let me enjoy You completely till praise comes out of every pore, and every breath sings ‘hallu Yah, hallu El.’ Amen.

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