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Praying with Psalm 149

“For Yahweh takes pleasure in His people, He will make beautiful the humble with salvation.” -Psalm 149:4 You save us not just as one pulled up out of the waters, naked and ashamed, freezing and near death. You clothe us with Your finest, You feed us with the most costly food, Your Bread and Wine. You give us seats of honor we could not earn nor deserve. All for that moment we cry ‘Abba, Father.’ I keep tearing off Your robes, and leave Your ring on the floor without a note and run back to the waters I know so well that freeze and numb me, and yet You keep inviting me to Your table. I scream in protest “I deserve to be dirty!” And You respond, always, “But I made you beautiful, come eat and drink and enter my joy.” Lord teach me how to say yes to You in all things, especially where I have nothing but contempt for my self. Amen.

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