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Praying with Psalm 148

“Let them praise the name of Yahweh, for He commanded and they were created.”

-Psalm 148:5

By Your word the immeasurable universe came to be and praised Your name by their very being. By Your word I am here to praise You. Yet a star one hundred thousand light years away knows no hunger nor thirst, loneliness or addiction, it is not plagued with anxious thoughts - it is ever burning, ever praising. What part of man’s sin could ever reach it, what work of the enemy ever stain it? You have commanded life, and our life is under siege. Have patience on us, Lord have mercy. If we were meant to shine like the stars, and our praises burn more brightly then let Your praises consume all fear, anxiety, addiction, compulsion, and finally all death within us that we may praise You more and more. By Your word You commanded us to life, by Your enemy and our choice we have embraced death, so by Your word command the dead to rise. Amen.

For further devotion in song please listen to You Came (Lazarus) by Jonathan David & Melissa Helser

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