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Praying with Psalm 146

“Yahweh watches over the sojourning stranger.”

-Psalm 146:9

Yahweh, You have settled many in homes, others You have settled on the road. If You have made us strangers, sojourners in a foreign land, if we are to be homeless for Your sake, then watch over us with shelter and true family along the way. You made the human heart for these things, so forgive us, have mercy on us, be gracious towards us when we mistake these precious things for the kingdom of heaven. Many buy land and houses, but all land and every house is only ever borrowed. We buy land and house thinking it is ours when the state owns it, and the government foolishly claims rights to the land that belongs to You - and so our bodies too are Yours from beginning to end, and every good friendship and every good relationship belongs to You - just as the land and all life, Your gifts to steward. Help me to remember You are the guide on every road, the true host in every good house, and our great comfort in these seasons of our lonely sojourn. Amen.

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