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Praying with Psalm 142

“Bring out of prison my soul that I may praise Your name.” -Psalm 142:7

Lord have You not made us to receive Your goodness, and have You not woven the soul of man to respond with gratitude? Can the unmarried give thanks for a spouse? Can the childless give thanks for children? Can the sick give thanks for a healthy body? Can the addicted give thanks for freedom? Can the traumatized give thanks for a sound mind, a healed heart, restored relationships, freedom from emotional shut downs, rescue from fear and anxiety!? Can the abused and down trodden believe long enough that they deserve love and actually receive it and keep it? Rescue us Father! You deserve all praise for Your Son has heralded Your coming kingdom - so let Your name be praised by bringing that future kingdom here and now in the land of the barely living! Amen.

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