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Praying with Psalm 140

“Yahweh, do not grant the desires of the wicked, do not further his wicked schemes lest they be exalted.” -Psalm 140:8

Father, Yahweh, Lord Christ, Holy Spirit - be LORD! If every good thing, every good relationship is apposed, then by Your righteous arm appose it more! Let no wicked thought, no wicked scheme, no wicked suitor woo the heart of Your beloved! Cut off their desires, let their desires burn their whole house down, and all held captive and captivated be given true sight and rescue. Let Your freedom catch their gaze so strongly that they never see the fall of the house of the wicked, only the arms of the Father ready with healing and a hope restored. Father, Yahweh, Lord Christ, Holy Spirit - let Your goodness appose the wicked! Amen.

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