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Praying with Psalm 131

“Yahweh, my heart is not haughty, nor my eyes lofty, and neither do I concern myself with great matters nor with things too profound for me.”

-Psalm 131:1

Let me be as a child before You Father, for Your child You have made me, and knew me before I was born. I hunger and thirst to enter through gates of Your mystery, and I forget I am small, a drop in the ocean. Let me remember the humility of this moment, for that is where I will find You, the Eternal in these passing moments of joy and heartache, trauma and healing. My heart has come to say once more, “It is such that I, like a sea discoverer, having fooled myself into thinking I have sailed over the great depths of Your mystery only to find I had been wading in the shallows after years of searching.” Father I surrender my soul and all its emotions, thoughts and reasoning to Your care. Amen.

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