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Praying with Psalm 126

“He who goes forth continually and weeping, bearing the seed for sowing, doubtless shall come again with rejoicing, bringing with him his sheaves.” -Psalm 126:6

How can a weeping servant get up and sow when all that is seen is utter loss? Adonai Elohim, let me surrender my tears to You. You know every tear drop by name, You would not see me in the wilderness forever, forever in a dry land. Are You not the God of the harvest? Are You not Lord of the Wedding Feast? Yes, and also Father of the saving season. If I am to sow in tears, let me sow in Your field, for when You had sown Yourself in affliction, You turned death to life, and gave our mourning a hope for rejoicing. So let it be Lord, that a little more resurrection might rise between the morning and the night in this life. Grow our branches strong that we might bear the weight of Your blessings, let our humbled hearts be gladdened with a harvest of joy. Amen.

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