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Praying with Psalm 121

“I will lift my eyes to the hills. From where comes my help? My help comes from Yahweh who made heaven and earth.” -Psalm 121:1-2

What can I lift my eyes to for rescue that You have not created? If it was made by man, then You made the materials just as You made us. If I turn to my hands and feet for my own help, those You have shaped and formed. If I turn to my knowledge and the endless stream of information - how can I know anything unless I have come to know You, the truly True? If I turn to my own reasoning, it was You Adonai who created and set every neuron in the mind - but it was I who allowed the neural pathways to connect one to another, one unhealthy attachment, one compulsion, one addiction after another. Yahweh heal my mind, break the attachments to false help, let me turn my eyes only to You. Amen.

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