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Praying with Psalm 120

“Too long has my soul dwelt with one who hates peace, who hates shalom.” -Psalm 120:6

Where is my home? Who have I been dwelling with? What kind of company do my thoughts keep? Your peace O God is shalom, and Your shalom is rich flourishing, overflowing, ever growing goodness. Have I hated peace? Have I embraced those who hate Your peace? Have I made self-destruction and self-hatred my cover? Has Your goodness become a stranger to my heart that I recoil in fear when it is near? Rescue me from those who hate Your flourishing shalom, deliver me from my own lying lips that speak death over my own soul. Destroy, O Adonai, the false me that is addicted to self-destruction. Teach me Jesus to love peace. Amen.

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