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Praying with Psalm 119: Zayin ז

“My songs have been Your statutes in the house of my pilgrimage.” -Psalm 119:54 The mind is a house in motion. Somethings enter, somethings leave, while some thoughts linger, others stay. Some thoughts are squatters, setting up tents and filling the yard of our mind with rubbish. Other thoughts are like termites, threatening the very foundation with unseen convictions and agreements. Yet Lord Your word gives clearance, fumigates, and Your Spirit is the Deep Carpenter of the heart-mind, restoring the foundation and setting the inner journey of the man and woman on a pilgrimage of good songs filled with truth, clarity, love, and sound thoughts. Let Your word, Your very presence fill my journey within until every false thought, every lie is purged from my thinking. Amen.

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