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Praying with Psalm 119: Yodh י

“I know Yahweh that Your judgements are right, and that in faithfulness You have afflicted me.” -Psalm 119:75 Yahweh, You are Love. You are love in motion, love in action, love in rest, love in play, and love in discipline. Adonai, You are love. Faithful is Your love. Trustworthy is Your love. No hardship we endure is not without holy purpose by Your hand, for You desire our good more than we desire it for ourselves. Help us submit to Your ways that Your good may come forth like purified gold from the furnace. Let us surrender all until Your glory is revealed in us, and be patient when we kick and scream like spoiled children lashing out in our ignorance - for we confess we do not know Your ways, so teach us Your way unto our growing up. Amen.

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