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Praying with Psalm 119: Tsadhe צ

“My zeal has consumed me because my enemies have forgotten Your words.” -Psalm 119:139

If zeal-love burns my heart for the ill treatment of Your word O God, should it not also burn against me? If I love You then I should love me, and as I love You I am loving me by making myself a home for You. If I make myself a home I must make myself a sanctuary full of true religion, ritual, and relationship. But Your word collects dust on the shelf of my thoughts as my imagination runs further and further from relationship with You. How can I entertain Your presence when my mind has run so far? Lord Jesus, make a whip of cords again, and drive out every unholy thought, every fearful imagination from this temple and let Your zeal consume me with an all consuming fire. Amen.

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