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Praying with Psalm 119: Gimel ג

“My soul breaks with longing for Your judgements at all times.” -Psalms 119:20

Lord God, Adonai, You have written this thirst on my lips, to know You, to desire You, and it has broken my soul piece by piece year after year. How can I sustain life with such endless hunger and desire weighing upon me more and more? The more I know You, the more I see I do not know, and the more I desire to know You more. If it breaks me, crushes my soul into the finest grains of sand, let me know Your beauty, for that would be enough; but permit me Lord to know Your goodness, truth, and love too. Never let this longing go underground, but keep my desire like a spring bursting forth in my every thought, every action, and every desire. Amen.

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