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Praying with Psalm 117

“Praise Yahweh all you gentiles, laud Him all you tribes. For great is His merciful kindness toward us, and the truth of Yahweh endures forever. Praise YAH!” -Psalm 117:1-2

How great are You Lord-Adonai that Your invitation to praise, Your invitation to the wedding feast should include every tribe and ever tongue of every nation? You have placed every seat, set every plate, know every name in every language, and ever bedraggled story of loss and heartache that brought each of us to Your table. Great is a word too microscopic for the vast universe of Your love that would make a way through Christ to bring us to Your love-feast. We praise You with how little we can fathom Your infinite beauty, goodness, truth and love. Praise YAH! Amen!

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