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Praying with Psalm 115

“Like the idols are those who make them. So is every one who trusts in them.” -Psalm 115:8

O God, do I bear Your image well? Or do I bear the image of Facebook? Am I Your image bearer or do I look like instagram? Am I Your son? Am I Your daughter? Or am I more a son or daughter of the gym? Have I the two dimensional depth of my profile pic? My thinking the density of dumbbells? Have we not all at times taken on the likeness of our idols? Is it the drink? The next romance, and the next one and the next one? Is it career, perfection, fear of failure, fear of succeeding? Lord unmake the false images in me, for they are many, and remake Your image in me once more. Only then can I grow, only then can I increase in Your life and in Your love. Amen.

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