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Praying with Psalm 108

“My heart is steadfast, God, I will sing and give praise, even with my glory.” -Psalm 108:1 Even with my glory, it is Yours. Even with my steadfast heart, it is Your steadfast heart within calling me closer to You night and day in every part of my spirit, in every part of my heart, in every part of my will, and You are calling me closer in every part of my body. How can I sing and give praise if it is not Your glory in me? Your glory is revealed in Your saving revelation of who You are by flooding me with Your glory, the story of this dead man coming to life by Your life. My glory is the rescue You gave for my heart. My glory the restoration You are creating in my heart and mind. My glory is the healing of my spirit, soul, heart, mind, will, and body. You took upon Yourself a body to become one flesh with Your sons and daughters. All glory belongs to You! O God, Yahweh, Christ Jesus show me Your glory! Amen. For further devotion in song please listen to Show Me Your Glory by Brandon Lake and Leland

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