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Praying with Psalm 105

“That they might observe His statutes and His laws keep. Praise YAH.” -Psalm 105:45 Can we observe Your boundaries that fence us in like children at play next to a busy street without Your rescue? Will we ever grow enough to know Your love and care and protection well enough to trust Your every command when we fail to see the danger just outside of our limited vision? Will I praise You when I feel all You have ever been is a roadblock to my every twist and turn? But You have proven to turn my path from death to life over and over again! I could chase death with all my might and would never outrun Your love. You surround me always, and are never more than one turn of thought, one change of heart right behind me. And I love You. I will love You in my confusion. I choose to love You in my fear that You are withholding all the good I believe I desire and deserve. Yahweh, I love You, keep me that I may keep with You. Amen. For further devotion in song please listen to Look Where I'm Standing Now by Phil Wickham and Brandon Lake

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