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Praying with Psalm 10

“Why, Yahweh, do you stand afar off, why do You hide in times of trouble?”


Your silence is deafening, it feels like death, for where You are, there life must follow. What then is dying in me? Reveal every false way, every wrong thought by the light of Your presence. It can not be that You are against me, but rather against everything that would keep me from You, fully. My heart aches for the one I love, it feels like praying in a sound proof room. There is not even an echo of my own voice. Will You heal? Will You restore? Have I taken matters into my own hands and failed to listen? Let Your will be done, forgive my wayward will. Let Your kingdom of restoration and healing come, and give me the strength to release my ideas of what that is to You. Where there is selfishness, bring selflessness, where there is apathy bring love, where there is anger bring compassion and patience. Where I lack all that is You, bring me Jesus, by Your Holy Spirit, Father God, father me. Amen.

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