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Praying Like Stephen: A Refurbished Prayer

(A prayer based on Acts 7:59-60.)

Jesus, you are my "Lord," He who governs and rules justly.

I am part of your city, an inhabitant under the Law of Christ.

So, Lord Jesus, I submit to you. You are my King and Judge.

I give myself to you. I pray that you would receive my spirit.

Receive it as I breathe now and receive it when I breathe my last.

For those who stand against me, your child,

For those who've hurt me, your child,

For those who've wronged me, your child,

For those who've tried to knock the breath out of me, your child,

I pray that you do not hold such sins against them.

Instead, in an act of grace, may you use their wrongs to draw them to you.


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