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Praying Like Paul: A Refurbished Prayer

Updated: Apr 9, 2021

(A prayer based on Eph 1:15-22.)

Lord, thank you for all the saints, your faithful servants, who have raised me in the faith. I give thanks for their example, their care, and their love for me. I stand on their shoulders, God, know that I'd be nothing without their sowing into me. Help me, O God, to remember them always. Remind me of them frequently. Empower them to raise up others. Empower me to do the same. And now, O Lord, I pray for 7 things you've promised to always answer "Yes" to when I pray.

  1. I pray for forgiveness, God. Forgive me for the lusts of the heart, lusts of the eyes, and the pride of life. Forgive me for bailing on you.

  2. I pray, asking to know you better, Father.

  3. I pray for more of you, Holy Spirit, to fill me to the full and pour me out. Refill. Pour. Refill. Pour.

  4. I pray for more of you, Jesus. Lead me. Teach me. Love me.

  5. I pray for more wisdom, God. I want to be mighty and wise in you, unashamed of the gospel, and mighty and wise in truth. Reveal your wisdom to me that I might know you better. Open my eyes, my heart, the eyes of my heart to see you with unhindered clarity.

  6. I pray for greater strength and power, to live in obedience and walk in obedience with every step. I pray for resurrection power to surge through my veins. Let it be my pulse, my heartbeat, my lifeline. May the same power that raised Jesus from the dead live in me without ceasing.

  7. I pray for the spread of the gospel. From my driveway to my neighbors' driveways. From my street to the next. I pray that you would use me as an instrument of spreading the gospel, Lord. Use The Bridge to do the same. Use us to share your hope with those who need it.

I pray these things to you, O Father, in the power of the Spirit, and in the name of Jesus, who is seated at your right hand, who rules all. Who is mighty above everyone and everything, who has all authority, power, and dominion, both now and in the age to come. I yield and submit my life to him, the head of the Church. I bow to him, who is all in all and holds all things together in every way. I pray in confidence that you will come through on all these things. Amen.

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