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Praying Like Mary: A Refurbished Plea

(A free-form Prayer based on Lk 1:50-55.)

Help us to fear you, God. That is, help us to have a holy respect for you, to live in holy awe. For we know that, when we live in a state of holy respect and awe, in "the fear of God," we taste your mercy. And what is mercy, O God, but steadfast love and loyalty!? So, continue teaching us Spirit that, when we live in holy respect and awe, in fear of you, we shall bask in your strong love and loyalty to us.

This we long for in our generation and beyond. Generation to generation, O Lord. Stick out your strong arm. Reach for us. Seize us. We shall jump, expecting that you will catch us. You are mighty and only you can. Be our Catcher, O God. Let not our pride prevent you from catching us.

Although many act as though they want nothing to do with you, we admit it: We need you. Even more, Lord, we want you. Surround us, fill us, encompass us, saturate us. We want more of you, God. That is the cry of our heart. That is the essence of our thought.

Empower us to hold fast to your promise, your covenant. Scatter again the proud, those disobedient to your command to be fruitful and multiply, and to spread your image across the land. Scatter them that they might turn again to you. Bring down the powerful that they might remember the covenant. Send the greedy rich away so that, in their lack, they might realize their need for you alone. Exalt those who've humbled themselves before you, that they might sit with you. FIll the hungry that they might sing of your providence.

You have helped us, your people, throughout the ages, O God, across generations. May we never forget. May we cling to your mercy--our hope of your strong love and loyalty. And, just as it was to Abraham and the rest of our spiritual mothers and fathers, may it be to us and those after us. We are your covenant people, God, New Covenant people. Amen.

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