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Praying for Distractions: A Plea

God, there are so many distractions around me. Diversions abound. Someone gossiping. Someone listening to gossip. Someone being presumptuous. Someone whining. Someone being stubborn. Someone being selfish. Someone starting trouble. Someone joining in troublemaking. Someone hurting others. Someone being lazy. Someone being irresponsible. Someone playing dirty. Someone dragging your Son’s name through the mud. Someone lying. Someone being greedy. Someone being unwilling to stretch. Someone being immature. Someone resisting change. Someone resisting challenges. Someone bringing others down with them. Someone being pessimistic. Someone complaining. Someone dehumanizing others. Someone being narcissistic. Someone being hateful. Someone leaving church. Someone throwing me under the bus. Someone trying to decenter Christ.

God, there are so many distractions. Sometimes, I’m the distraction. Sometimes I participate in the distractions. Sometimes I cause them. Sometimes I don’t. Sometimes they’re thrusted upon me. Lord, I pray for the distractions: that you would be help prevent them when you desire to; that you would be in the midst of them when they come; and/or, that you would take them all in the future. I surrender the distractions to you, Lord. I give everyone and everything that’s a distraction to you. Amen.

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