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Prayer: Our Common Language

How in the world am I able to speak

To he who formed

All? From where can I

Draw deposits from the wells of know-how?

Do you really expect

Me, O God, to approach you with words?

I am but a mute. Word deficient.

What language do you speak, God?

One? All of them?

Does it matter?

Is prayer your language?

Laden with my intent and motives,

Which I trust you discern with clarity,

I pray. Vulnerable, I pray.

I don't know if English is right,

Or good, or enough.

But, I offer this mutt language prayer to you,

Hoping it is sweet to your ears,

And pleasing to your heart.

I'm grateful that, at its core,

Prayer is our common language, God.

So, Lord, in your mercy,

Hear my prayer.


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