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Prayer for Civil Servants: A Plea

God, we put our trust in You.

Pierce the hearts of these “civil servants” as they begin their service on Jan. 19.

May their decisions truly serve “We, the people”

Not, “me, myself, and I”.

You have been revealing the corruption in our government.

There is still more “house cleaning” to do:

Clean up the House.

Clean up the Senate.

Clean up the C & C, and the HPD.

Clean up the DOH, and the DOE.

Clean up the media.

Raise up the poor in spirit and those who mourn,

Raise up humble and righteous servants,

Raise up the merciful,

Raise up the pure in heart,

Raise up peacemakers,

Raise up truth tellers who are being persecuted,

Raise up a people that will love their neighbor,

For it is through these kinds of people that Your blessings flow.

God, we put our trust in You. Only You.


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