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Pour Ol' God: A Plea

I see lots of empty places in this world, God. I see lots of empty people. I see lots of empty things and I hear lots of empty rhetoric. Sometimes I feel surrounded by emptiness: Empty words, empty gestures, empty promises, empty goals, empty churches, empty spirituality, empty hearts, empty minds. But, God, I would pray that you would fill me up. Fill me up with as much of the Divine as possible, Ol' God. For, I want to empty myself that they may be filled. I want to pour you, Ol' God, out with my life. Pour you, Ol' God, out upon them. Then they might have rhetoric filled with holiness, gestures filled with beautiful intent, promises filled with assurance, goals filled with motivation, churches filled with allegiance, spirituality filled with Spirit, hearts filled with devotion, and minds filled with visions of you. Fill me up with as much as the Divine as possible, Ol' God, that I may join you in emptying this world of emptiness. In the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Amen.

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