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Of Dice and Dens: A Reflective Prayer

Tossed through the air with luck,

then clanking with each bounce

across the cold stone floor of this den,

all eyes zeroed-in on the dice.

A man’s life made sport of

in this damp room, filled with

sickening cheers and hyper-masculine

laughs echoing off the walls.

Gambling for garments and

lacking all civility, having a good time

and so caught up in the moment

never realizing what a bad choice it is to stay.

An exit would signal weakness

and raise suspicions, perhaps, and

maybe even ruffle some feathers.

Insults might accompany the one taking leave.

Of course, none want focus on them

on a day like today. Simply count your coins,

cast your dice, cheer, or moan,

but don’t, for a second, draw attention.

Stay for the reward, even if you lose.

Win? Perhaps you’ll take home the robe

and help coronate the lowly King,

introducing him to his thorny crown.

Lord, have mercy. Christ, have mercy.

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