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Nothing Greater: A Confession

God, your truth abounds in this world. Your truths abound in this world. But you have taught me, O God, your greatest truth and, in it, I have found my strength: Your presence is the only thing I need. There is nothing greater. Your presence sustains me. What a privilege to know that, in the throes of life, you are here. In the dark hours, you are here. In the times of deep loneliness, you are here. Indeed, God, I never even knew I was lonely until I sensed separation from you. But that was my doing. Forgive me. I have found that this life is little more than learning, second by second, to turn my eyes, ears, and heart-mind toward you. I do find it sad, God, that I need perpetual reminders that, in this life, there is nothing greater than you, than your presence. Even so, I am, at the same time, grateful for the reminders. Thank you, God. Amen.

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