No Humiliation: A Short Prayer

I've spent a life avoiding humiliation

Consistently walked the wide path of damnation

Only to become less human and engage in my own de-creation

Often stuck in my selfish will like a train at the station

Couldn't see past me, blindness birthed my aggravation

And sin compounded again and again: escalation

But then I reflect and here comes my imagination

Right back to that day of freedom and great jubilation

When I cried out to Christ with shouts of elation

I got born again and became a new creation

Part of God's people, every tongue, tribe, and nation

To serve Jesus, it's the farthest thing from humiliation

Want to do nothing on my now, got me a Jesus infatuation

Indwelled by the Spirit, baptismal initiation

Son and Spirit doing the Father's work, there's my illustration

Dependent upon the Father to lift my eyes' - elevation

And now, my life is his...a life of adoration

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