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No Condemnation? An Inquisitive Prayer

Updated: Aug 1, 2021

Is there no condemnation, Lord, for those in Jesus?

None? None at all? Sure, I feel like I have to offer a

"Yes!" in agreement and nod along. I feel like I have to

Agree with Scripture on this. But, if I'm honest, I don't

Really know that I live like this is true. No condemnation?

None? Because I'm in Christ, suddenly, it's gone?

Why, God, was it easier to accept that as a young Christian?

Why, God, is it such a tough pill to swallow now?

Why, God, do I have this seeming need to believe that

I will not experience condemnation? None? None at all?

And why is there a gap, sometimes, between what's in my

Heart-mind and my actions? Why is it so easy to assent to

This cognitively, but not to live as though it's true? Isn't this, God,

The greatest of all absolutes if it's true? Being in Christ

Means there is no condemnation. None. None at all.

So, Spirit, I pray that you would help me live into this truth. Help me drink deeply of its depths. Help me feast on it.

I pray that my steps and words and thoughts and feelings

Would orbit around this truth: In Christ, there is no

Condemnation. None. None at all. There is freedom.

There is freedom. THERE. IS. FREEDOM. Amen. Amen. Amen.

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