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My Future: A Prayer of Gratitude

Thank you, God, that

my future is a city of hope.

Just the thought of it

here in the present, is

lifegiving. Comforting.

I rejoice that, at some point,

I will catch up with my future.

I rejoice that, in it, I am not

the only one. I rejoice, too,

that I don’t have to actually

wait for the full future to

begin living into it. I can

wrap my arms tightly around it

right now. You have ordered

things in such a way that, my

future enables me to walk in

the present. A present with a

new start, a fresh beginning,

a novel sunrise, a hopeful

tomorrow. In the future, I and

those beside me shall flourish

and thrive and live and not die.

We are a people of life and

light and love and we will dwell

in that future kingdom city

fully in the presence of you:

Life, Light, and Love. Amen.

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