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Mourning After: A Prayer of Sight

Lord, it's the morning after you were raised

No mourning after just laughter and praise

Unmasking and basking in the hereafter rays

I can see! You're my Lenscrafter, all colors not grays

I can see! You make gardens from graves

I can see! You've plastered this place

I stand graspin' and gaspin' at grace upon grace

I can see! You've opened these eyes on my face

I can see! The Architect makin' my life straight

I can see! Reborn now, You are my birthplace

From Bloody Friday to Resurrection Sunday

I can see! You'll come back for the bride one day

I can see! Once was blind but now vision's 20/20

I can see! I'm ready like football on Monday

No more morning mourning just amore all day

I can see! On eagle's wings I soar and sway

I can see! No longer weak, no faint, pure strength

I can see! I'm forgiven for livin' my own way

It's Easter. I'll eat, sure! At the Feast you've made!


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