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Meanwhile: A Humble Prayer of Astonishment

Mahalo, Lord, for the humble reminder that, somewhere...

The pastor stands to wax eloquent on Sunday.

Meanwhile, the inmates pull cigarette butts from the floor of the aina.

The preacher weaves in and out of The Text this morning.

Meanwhile, the woman wades into the sea to lay hold of floating plastic.

The minister offers a prayer among the finely dressed saints.

Meanwhile, the surgeon pieces the broken body back together.

The elder offers the elements: "Thanks be to God."

Meanwhile, the single mother cleans up waffles from the floor.

The worship leader sings with the force of a heart burst.

Meanwhile, the worn old woman brings her garden fruits to the homeless man.

The ordained stands with outstretched arms to offer a benediction.

Meanwhile, the artist captures the sunrise with paint and ink.

It's all worship. How astonishing!

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