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Lush Like the Ko'olau's: A Psalmic Plea

Sometimes, God, life feels like a desert. Dry.

On occasion, there's draught and emptiness. Lack.

Sometimes, God, the soil seems shallow. Rocky.

On occasion, my life goes from green to brown to gray. Withering.

Sometimes, my heart goes from lush to arid. Barren.

My plea, Lord, is that you would make me to lie in your pastures. Rest.

That you would lead me beside quiet waters. Restoration.

That you would refresh my soul. Healing.

That you would guide me along right paths for your name. Purpose.

That you would walk through death's valleys with me. Protection.

That you will alleviate all my fears. Security.

That, your rod and still will go before me. Comfort.

I seek your table, Lord. I seek your presence, even amid enemies.

I seek your anointing, Lord. I seek your infilling; fill my cup.

I seek your goodness, Lord. I seek your love.

I seek them in perpetuity, Lord. I seek to dwell in your house.

Like the Ko'olau's, Lord, may your presence make me lush.

May your presence keep me lush. For you. All for you, Lord. Amen.

(Inspired by Psa 23)

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