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Longing for Ears to Hear: A Prayer

O God, you are so good.

None compare, Lord!

You alone are worthy of praise in the highest!

You are the Rock!

The Path!

The Shepherd!

You hold me like a loving mother and delight in me like a proud Father!

So, God,

Forgive me for when I've fallen.

Forgive me for going astray.

Forgive me for resisting your course correction.

I confess that

I've often been more attracted to my own desires to be noticed by others,

rather than pointing to you so that you might be noticed.

Forgive me for vanity.

I repent of listening to the world talk about itself all day every day.

I have grown tired of hearing society's obsession with itself and hatred for you.

Lord, I need your forgiveness.

Thank you for it, Lord.

Thank you for forgiveness.

I receive it.

I am grateful that when we ask for forgiveness, you come through.

So, now, I just turn toward you, Lord.

I turn toward you.

Help me, O God, as I learn to listen.

I want to hear you.

More than anything, I want to hear you.

Give me hearing ears.

Remind me always that you are an all-ear God.

Help me to turn my ear away from everything competing for it, and toward you.

Cover me, saturate me with your voice.

And I pray for my sister, Lord,

That she might once again hear your voice, too.

Send a believer with a like heart-mind, O Lord, into her path.

Help that person to

befriend her,

love her, and

bring her back to a place where she might hear you clearly.

And I pray for The Bridge Church, Lord,

That we would be a bride who listens only to you.

Help us to shun all that threatens to clog our ears.

Help us to hear you through your story so that we might be more faithful.

I pray these things in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Amen.

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