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Lion: A Prayer of Acknowledgement

Updated: Jun 5, 2022

God, I find it intriguing that Peter referred to Satan as a

roaring and hungry lion seeking whom he may devour. It is

far more intoxicating, I think, to think of you as the one

untamed, hungry, roaring, never sleeping, preveniently

prowling about, seeking. For your heart is vast and your pathos

unparalleled, your desire deep and appetite for us insatiable.

It’s not that Peter was wrong, of course, it’s just that, these

days and, perhaps, for more time than any of us would care

to admit, Satan has received far too much credit. You are

the lion, he who guards us—our heart-minds, our dreams, our

hopes, our longings. You are the one roaring about, ready to

shred every lie, devour every attack, and fight every battle. You

are the lion who rises and lives and nurtures his tribe. Amen!

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