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Like Sunsets & Rainbows: A Plea

For 40+ years, God, I've marveled at sunsets and rainbows. I've marveled at their glory, their radiance, their beauty. And I've thought about you. But I've also been intimidated by them. Have I been wrong about that, God? Should I not be intimidated by them? For, sitting in the midst of a most glorious sunset and massive stretching rainbow is more weighty than standing in the presence of a handsome man or beautiful woman and, yet, I've experienced intimidation there. But, God, have you now taught me that I am to be as the sunset and rainbow myself? That I can be. That I can surpass the beauty of the handsome man and beautiful woman by simply living fully into you or, rather, having you live fully into and through me. That is, after all, what is happening in the sunset and the rainbow, isn't it? You living fully into and through them, revealing yourself, and quietly yet loudly calling all to look at you and marvel at your beauty. And, can I not do the same? I can, God, with your help. So, let me be as the sunset and rainbow in my own way. Let me be me, but only the me with you fully living in and through me, that you might call others to look my way and, when they do, I simply vanish and they see you. Amen.

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