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Just Presence: A Prayer

I call to you O Lord, for you are worthy of praise

For it is in your presence that I feel safe,

When the cords of travail have tried to entangle me,

When the snares have been set before me,

In all my distress, I yearn for your presence

I don't need anything else God, just presence,

Your presence.

Though the earth shakes and shatters,

Though the mountains give way,

May your presence move upon me as a canopy,

Drape yourself upon me, O God,

May the breath from your nostrils fall upon me,

May your hands reach down and comfort me,

May your presence be strong, like a fortress

May you bring me into that spacious place,

That place where grace is deep and wide,

That place where your blamelessness

And your righteousness and faithfulness

And your purity roars like a torrent.

For what else shall I ask?

For who else's presence shall I go on longing for?

For who is God besides you?


So, I ask you, please, God, send your promised presence.

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