Just Like Jesus: A Prayer of Confession & Discovery

I prefer, God, to pray as Jesus did,

off on my own, alone, in solitude

and sometimes in brief, as when I

wake up and return to the cool pillow.

Typing is fine, too, quietly pressing

the keys as my imagination intersects

and collides with God the Spirit,

dredging up words and thoughts I had

no idea existed but have been buried

beneath the layers of what life’s handed

me, and are now coming up for air

and appearing on a screen as prayer.

Must I even admit, God, that praying

with others is much more of a challenge?

Yes, I can speak on the spot and engage

in spiritual and pastoral improv, but

it never feels the same as when it’s just us,

me and you. It never quite resembles this.

Rarely feels like I’ve said what I’ve needed

to say or wanted to. The dredging seems

to but scrape the surface. Imagination seems

stunted somehow. It feels like I’m shortchanging

you, me, and everyone involved because of that.

Even more difficult, Lord, is forced listening. I

really struggle with that. I even feel guilt. It’s the

reason I’ve not led my family in prayer much,

although the desire has always been there. But,

perhaps you’ve just nudged me, God…have you? Telling

me that we can be together in the quiet, in solitude,

writing prayers together. If so, it’s just reiterated to me

the value of doing it this way. I’ve just heard from

you, even as I type here in this empty house.

Thank you, Lord. Later, I shall pray with my family

in the secret, just like Jesus did. Amen.

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