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Is There Age in the Afterlife? A Prayer of Inquiry

This question has been on my mind lately, God: “Is there age in the afterlife?” And it has raised all kinds of similar or related questions: Is there time in the afterlife? If there is time and if there is age, how old are we? If there isn’t time, are we the same age we were when we died? And what about the people who are alive when you plan to return, will they remain the age they are at the time of your return? And what about those who were never afforded the chance to be born or were stillborn? Shall they remain tiny like that forever? Shall we all be, as Aquinas asserted (I think), at our “prime”—age 30? What if we were unhealthy at 30 or died on our 30th birthday? This is a mystery to me, God. And it just keeps begging for my attention. So, I’m praying about it. I’m curious. Thank you for this question and all those related to it. What a gift!

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