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I Need You To Lead: A Prayer of Supplication

Lord, help me get out of your way, out of my way. Help me to want what you want more than what I want. Untether me from anything that's a hindrance to your will, even and especially, if that means untethering me from myself or my self(ish) will. Empower me to yield my life to you, all rights and privileges, in service of you. You have brought me to this point and this place, I pray that you would keep me here as long as you desire, and that you would enable me to dwell under your wing until you shall move me. I want what you want, God. And I want that to be what I want all the time. Nothing else. I long to be able to say, in full confidence, that no matter the situation, circumstance, or cost, as long as I am doing your will and pleasing you, it is well with my soul. But I have not the strength to do that on my own. Honesty forces me to admit: I can only do this if you lead, God. So, I need you to lead. Amen.

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