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Holy Ground: A Prayer of Gratitude

For more than 20 years, God, I've

Tried to approach you. To

Muster up enough

Courage, strength, hope, and know-how, to

Stand on this holy ground.

Hallowed ground. That's what

Prayer is, isn't it, God,

Holy ground?

For more than 20 years, this

Holy ground has not shifted.

Never. Not once. It has not

Changed. Ever. It's just as

Stable as it was at first.

No erosion.

No landslides.

The same. Exactly the same.

Prayer's offer has

Always been there. Been here.

But I'm not the same.

I've not always been here. I've

Wandered. And, truly, that's

What blows my mind. That

20 years on, this different me

Approaches same you. Same

Holy ground. Exactly the same.

I've shifted. Slid. Eroded. All

For the better, actually.

Shifted heart-mind.

Slid from where I once was.

Eroded sense of self(ish)-will.

I, a changed man, stand on

Holy ground. Hallowed ground.

I'm not exactly the same, but

This place, the place of prayer, is

Exactly the same.

Thanks be to God.

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