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Good, True, & Beautiful: A Prayer of Praise

Lord, you are good. You alone are good. You created this world, your world, and saw that it was good. You looked upon humanity and saw that it, made in your image, was very good. It is you, good God, in all your goodness and mercy, who leads me all the days of my life. You, O Lord, always do what is good in your sight. You, O Lord, are good and your mercy endures forever. You lack no good thing. Your name is good. All you do is good. Your Spirit guides me with steps of goodness down every good path. Your love is good and sweet like honey. I long to be your good and faithful servant.

Lord, you are true. You, Jesus, are the way, the truth, and life. You are true bread from heaven. You are true water from the well. You are true to your word. You are tried and true. You are the measure of all truth. You are the standard for all that is true in the world. You only speak truth. You only live truth. Your testimony is true. You alone are true and every man a liar. You are my true companion. Whatever is true, is what you call me to think on and live by. I long to be true and faithful servant.

Lord, you are beautiful. You are beautiful beyond description, too marvelous for words. You are beautiful in your loftiness. You are beautiful in speech and deed. You are the most beautiful of all treasures. You have made everything beautiful as you see fit. More than the most expensive garments and crowns, more than the grandest buildings and man-made structures, you exude beauty. You are beauty in its truest sense. Jesus, your pierced hands and feet, your pierced side...they are beautiful. Lord, I long to be a servant whose feet bring your good news.

To you, O God, who alone is good, and true, and beautiful, I pray this prayer. Amen.

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