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God of Partial Victories: A Confession

God, it’s painfully obvious to me that, sometimes, I fail. I fail miserably. Sometimes I’m a letdown. Sometimes I am spiritually lax. Sometimes my spiritual growth is stunted. Sometimes my efforts are half of what they should be. Sometimes my prayers are small. Sometimes my allegiance is thin. Sometimes I’m unsure.

Sometimes my victories are partial.

But, God, you are still the God of my partial victories. When I draw near to you but stumble, you are still sovereign. When I manage to get back up, you still beckon me. When I resist sin then succumb, you still love me. No victory is really mine whether in full or in part. Every victory is yours. None of this is of my own accord. All victory belongs to you.

Sometimes my victories are partial.

But it’s taken me decades to learn that your love for me never is. Help me to remember that going forward. Spirit, help me to remain faithful as I press on. Help me to express my full devotion whether in losses, full-on victories, or partial victories. Amen.

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